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CiA’s general assembly 2016

The Board of Directors of CAN in Automation (CiA) was reelected. In 2016, the nonprofit organization focuses on CAN FD and CANopen FD.

From left to right: Harm-Peter Krause, Uwe Koppe, Holger Zeltwanger (Photo: Uwe Koppe)

The CiA general assembly confirmed the existing Board of Directors: Harm-Peter Krause (ESD) as Business Director, Uwe Koppe (Micro Control) as Technical Director, and Holger Zeltwanger as Managing Director. Emtas, Janz Tec, Kaba, Micro Control, and Port were elected as Business Committee members. Elected members of the Technical Committee are Beckhoff, Emtas, ESD, Janz Tec, and Port.

In 2016, the CiA association will organize several CAN FD plugfests for its members as well as for CANopen FD. CAN FD is the next generation CAN data link layer overcoming the 1-Mbit/s transmission-speed and the 8-byte payload limits of the Classical CAN data link layer. In addition, CiA has scheduled several “CAN 2020” events which offer introductions into CAN FD and CANopen FD technology.

CiA technical groups develop the CANopen FD specification (e.g. CiA 301 version 5.0), additional design recommendations for CAN FD devices and systems (CiA 601 series), and SAE J1939 mapping to CAN FD networks (CiA 602 series). “Of course, we will maintain and update existing CANopen profile specifications,” stated Holger Zeltwanger. “We also will continue providing education services on Classical CAN and CANopen, but the future is CAN FD respectively CANopen FD.” Many carmakers plan to introduce road vehicles using CAN FD by the year 2020.