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CiA seminars

From CAN FD to CANopen subsea

CAN in Automation will organize a range of seminars in the next months. These seminars will include the topics CAN, CAN FD, CANopen, and CANopen subsea.

CAN in Automation also offers free-of-charge brochures (Photo: CAN in Automation)

In CiA's regular CAN seminars participants will learn the principles of CAN-based networking, how CAN works, which possibilities CAN offers, and in which markets CAN is used. In addition participants will be informed about the latest developments in the field of CAN, including the latest CAN physical layer options, as well as an insight into the improved CAN protocol CAN FD.

The CAN FD special seminars are intended for system designers and engineers who are already familiar with the basics of Classical CAN and want to evaluate the opportunities offered by the improved CAN FD protocol.

In the CANopen seminars, attendees will learn the basic principles of CANopen in order to select the right CANopen device for their applications, to integrate their device in a proper control application, or to design the intended CANopen device behavior. Furthermore, participants will get an overview of CANopen application fields.

During the CANopen subsea seminars, attendees will gain an insight into the use of CANopen in the application field of subsea instruments integration systems (SIIS) according to the CANopen device profile CiA 443.

The upcoming seminars will be held in English or German and take place at various locations in Europe. The seminars last about eight hours:

  • CANopen seminar: 2016-04-21, Zürich, CH (German)
  • CAN/CAN FD seminar: 2016-05-10, Birmingham, UK (English)
  • CANopen seminar: 2016-05-11, Birmingham, UK (English)
  • CANopen subsea seminar: 2016-05-12, Aberdeen, UK (English)
  • CAN/CAN FD seminar: 2016-05-31, Essen, DE (German)
  • CANopen seminar: 2016-06-01, Essen, DE (German)
  • CAN FD seminar: 2016-06-08, Nuremberg, DE (German)
  • CAN/CAN FD seminar: 2016-06-15, Krakow, PL (English)
  • CANopen seminar: 2016-06-16, Krakow, PL (English)