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Developing multi-sensor applications

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) use multiple sensors. Therefore, Vector (Germany) has scheduled webinars for its vADASdeveloper infrastructure for developing multi-sensor applications.

Automatic emergency brake systems, for example, require complex algorithms, which can be developed more easily with tools (Photo: Vector)

About one year ago, Vector bought the multi-sensor development tool from Baselabs. It provides the infrastructure needed to develop algorithms for driver assistance systems. It lets users develop, debug, and test multi-sensor applications. In the development of algorithms, the tool is able to acquire, visualize, and replay the data of all commonly used ADAS sensor types – from cameras to laser scanners – time synchronous to the CAN messages or to other in-vehicle networks. The application's data flow is configured graphically with a clearly arranged layout.

By adopting the tool from Baselabs into its own tool chain, Vector supports the entire development process for ADAS systems. While the primary focus of vADASdeveloper is on system development, the CANape “Driver Asistance” option is used for the necessary validation of object recognition algorithms in the vehicle. While the algorithm is running in the ECU, CANape can be used to calibrate and validate the ECU.

The dates for the webinars are listed on the company’s website.


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