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AEF tests replace DLG test results

The AEF database collects all Isobus-compliant products including their AEF conformance test results. Starting in 2017, the DLG test results are not more displayed.

The DLG test becomes obsolete and is replaced by AEF tests (Photo: AEF)

AEF chairman Peter van der Vlugt informed the AEF members about an important change to the AEF database: The DLG test results are no longer indicated. During the initial stages of the database, the AEF Conformance Test was not yet available. Therefore the former DLG certification 2012 was displayed with the dedicated orange/brown DLG certified label. The chairman wrote that he was convinced that this information comes early enough to give all members adequate time to replace the DLG label by having their products AEF tested.

Further development of the ISO 11783 standard series, the AEF guidelines, and the release of the AEF Isobus conformance test based on functionalities have changed the conditions. This means that only products that have been AEF certified by one of the five AEF Isobus test laboratories are being uploaded to the database and display the blue AEF Certified Label.

As the legacy DLG certification was not based on the AEF functionality concept the label does not help farmers in searching for compatible tractor-implement combinations and is thus no longer relevant. Therefore the AEF has decided to discontinue displaying the orange DLG label as from March 1, 2017.

Besides conformance testing, the AEF organizes Isobus plugfests, in order to proof the interoperability of products. The next plugfest is scheduled in May in Lincoln, Nebraska. AEF membership is required for participation as well as an attendance fee.


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