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Trailed cultivator drills with Isobus

With the Cirrus 4003-2 and Cirrus 4003-2C, Amazone (Germany) has supplemented its series of trailed cultivator drills with two Isobus-compatible machines. Both are AEF-certified.

The trailed drills are of special interest to medium-sized farms (Photo: Amazone)

The cultivator drills have a working width of 4 m and a transport width of 3 m; however, they differ in their seed hopper format. The Cirrus 4003-2 has an open, single tip 3600-liter hopper, whereas the Cirrus 4003-2C is equipped with a sealed, twin tip 4000-liter pressurized hopper. This pressurized hopper is divided in the ratio 60:40 and, utilizing the single-shoot principle, offers in addition to sowing just one kind of seed, two alternative possibilities: either the simultaneously sowing of two different seeds or seed together with fertilizer.

The twin tip pressurized hopper is suited for sowing, for instance catch crop mixtures, which would segregate during transport in a single hopper. Also, the direct application of a starter fertilizer can help to accelerate field emergence. In this way better germination conditions for spring cereals can be achieved, especially in regions where short growing seasons prevail due to the climate.

Isobus communication for machine control

As standard, machine control in the Cirrus series is carried out via Isobus communication. In combination with Isobus, GPS applications such as GPS-Switch or application maps for part-area site specific sowing can be utilized. The Cirrus is certified according to the UT 2.0 AEF compliance test. In this way, these seed drills can be operated via any terminal on the market that has been UT 2.0 certified. Cirrus can also be controlled via an Isobus-compatible Section Control license from another Isobus terminal.

Amatron 3 lets users control and operate implements that are not yet Isobus-compatible and also Isobus-compatible machines of all makes (Photo: Amazone)

Amatron 3, CCI 100, and Amapad terminals alongside all of Amazone’s Isobus-equipped machinery support the AEF functionality AUX-N. This means that, for example, the keys of an existing AUX-N compatible multi-function joystick can be individually assigned to a specific function. Thus, every function on the joystick is located exactly where the customer wants it to be.

Control of the functions of the Cirrus can be achieved via the Amatron 3 Isobus terminal, including operational functions and functions for the adjustment of the machine, such as calibration. Amatron 3 can be used from seed drills to fertilizer spreaders and crop protection sprayers enabling an optimized application rate control and operation.

Trailed cultivator drills for long transport distances

The trailed cultivator drills are of interest for medium-sized farms, which have to face long transport distances with a filled seed hopper. The sowing tractors of these farms, which usually feature engine capacities between 127 kW and 150 kW, are suited for working with both drills. Thanks to Matrix tires, both Cirrus machines can be transported on the road at 40 km/h with a filled hopper. Thus, road travel is not only quick but also safe and compliant with traffic regulations.

Thanks to the folding technology, the trailed cultivator drills have a transport width of just 3 m (Photo: Amazone)

From an arable farming point of view, the Matrix tires also provide multiple benefits as they provide, in addition to the strip wise reconsolidation of the soil, a large amount of fine earth with both factors adding to an optimum seed emergence. At the same time, the 880 mm Matrix tires have a self-driving effect. As an alternative to the Matrix tires, the two Cirrus models can be also equipped with the cheaper AS tires.

For a quicker and more comfortable seed filling, the Cirrus 4003-2C is equipped with a lateral, foldable loading board. For the Cirrus 4003-2, this lateral loading board is offered as a special option. In addition, both machines can be equipped with a hydraulic filling auger. Further optional equipment is the Comfort Pack with Twin Terminal 3.0, meaning that the drill can be primed, calibrated, and residues emptied directly down at the machine. In this way, there is no need for the driver to climb up and down from the tractor several times.


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