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Indus takes over Caetec for Ipetronik

Indus took over measuring technology manufacturer Caetec with effect from 2 May 2016 for Ipetronik. The new company in the Indus Group is controlled operationally as well as strategically by Ipetronik.

Caetec supports the CAN FD technology (Photo: Ipetronik)

Caetec develops measurement technology used within the scope of vehicle testing, primarily for the fields of driver assistance systems, bus analysis, and on-board power supply, and thus complements Ipetronik in the fields of powertrain and thermal management.

With this takeover, the company from Baden-Baden (Germany) is further expanding its activities in the field of data loggers, measurement modules and measurement software. Caetec, headquartered in Olching (also Germany), is development partner for vehicle testing and mobile measurement technology. Indus Holding (specialist in the field of sustainable investment and growth) is acquiring 100% of the Caetec company shares with immediate effect. At the same time, the company name, product lines, development site and all the employees are being retained, it is stated further.

Ipetronik and Caetec complement each other. Ipetronik has a base with its four business divisions, the worldwide distribution network and its specialization on data loggers and measurement technology in vehicle thermal management and powertrain technology. Caetec focuses in turn on predevelopment projects and supports new, multi-channel bus and on-board power supply architectures, which for example are based on the CAN FD, Ethernet, and Flexray technology. This merger grants Caetec products access to the worldwide Ipetronik distribution network, thus creating new marketing potentials. At the same time, both companies dispose over a large number of loggers and modules.

However, it is not just the companies that benefit from this takeover, customers in particular also stand to benefit from the merger. "The acquisition is geared towards exploiting technical and sales-related synergies in a bid to offer the existing customer bases of Ipetronik and Caetec an even better range of products. This enables customers, for example, to simply select the devices best-suited and most efficient for their particular measurement tasks according to the 'best fit' approach", comments Andreas Wocke, Managing Director at Ipetronik.