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CAN applications for Raspberry Pi

Janz Tec and Emtas offer a further joint solution as part of their cooperation in CAN communication. The Raspberry Pi computer emPC-A/RPI will be delivered in combination with various CAN applications.

The emPC-A/RPI is based on the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and is equipped to suit industrial needs. Customers receive a gateway system, for example for Industry 4.0 applications, among other things. The new bundle of CAN applications by Emtas included with delivery contains programs for remote access to CAN/CANopen networks and for developing own CAN and CANopen applications.

CiA 309 TCP/IP CANopen Gateway

The CiA 309 Gateway by Emtas allows access to CANopen networks via a network connection. The gateway can also serve as a CANopen master and can thus send NMT commands in addition to standard services such as SDO and PDO. The node number is adjustable at program start. The gateway makes a TCP server available on a configurable port with which TCP clients can connect themselves. Communication takes place using ASCII characters. The software is delivered in a free demo version on every device. It contains all the features of the full version and is only limited in its running time.

The emPC-A/RPI (Photo: Janz Tec)

Pre-compiled examples for evaluation of CANopen applications are also integrated in the emPC-A/RPI standard version. The examples implement the CiA 401 profile for generic I/O modules. They enable testing and implementation of SDO, Node Guarding, Heartbeat, PDO, and EMCY services. The examples use the SocketCAN interface of emPC-A/RPI.

Horch is an application that converts CAN-Layer2 messages into text form. The open source tool enables the display and recording of CAN messages on an emPC-A/RPI. Beyond this, Horch can also be used as a server which transmits to a client via TCP/IP CAN-Layer2 messages. With it, the emPC-A/RPI can thus be used as a data logger, for troubleshooting or as a CAN gateway.

Janz Tec and Emtas (both Germany) are both CAN in Automation members. Janz Tec already since 1992 and Emtas joined 2012.


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