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CEN publishes technical report

The European standardization body CEN has published the CiA 422 series as a technical report under the number EN 16815. In Germany, the technical report has been released by DIN under 30765:2016.

Many of the European refuse collecting vehicles use CleANopen connectable weighing units (Photo: Moba)

CiA developed the CiA 422 CANopen application profile for refuse collecting vehicles. It specifies all the necessary functional units such as for bin lifting and washing, weight or volume measuring, compacting, etc. Of course, it also describes the interface to the in-vehicle network.

Most of the market-leading OEMs have been using this specification for many years, e.g. Faun and Zoeller. Several suppliers have implemented the CANopen profile in their products, e.g. C-Trace and Moba. The interoperability of CiA 422 products simplifies the system integration. CiA members continue to add more functions to the CleANopen profile specification.

Side-end loader with CleANopen connectable weighing units (Photo: C-Trace)

It took many years before CEN published the technical report. The delay was caused mainly by CEN internal administration reasons, including loss of the submitted CiA documents. This means that the current CiA internal documents include additional features not available in the technical report. The next step of the CEN TC 183 WG 3 is to improve the document and publish it as a European standard. The German mirror committee is NA 051-05-01 AA (DIN-NKT).


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