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SAE J1939

Digital annex with parameter definitions

SAE has released the J1939 digital annex. This document supplements the J1939 printed specifications by offering the J1939 information in a form that can be sorted and searched for easier use.

Most commercial vehicles use J1939-based networks (Photo: Fotolia)

The J1939 digital annex, introduced in August 2013, offers key J1939 technical data in an electronic spreadsheet that can be searched, sorted, and adapted to other formats. J1939DA contains all of the SPNs (parameters), PGNs (messages), and other J1939 data previously published in the SAE J1939 top-level document. The electronic document also contains all of the Slots, Manufacturer ID codes, Name functions, and Preferred Addresses. It also includes the supporting descriptions and figures previously published in the SAE J1939-71 document. For other SPNs and PGNs, which are published in other documents than SAE J1939-71, J1939DA only lists basic details along with a reference to the document that contains the complete technical details. The J1939 Digital Annex can be purchased separately or as part of the SAE J1939 Standards Collection on the web.

J1939DA replaces, and expands upon, the J1939 companion spreadsheet (CS1939), which was last published in 2012. The data fields included in J1939DA for PGNs are: PGN, Parameter Group Label, Acronym, EDP, DP, PF, PGN Length, PS, PGN Description, Multipacket, Transmission Rate, PGN Data Length, Default Priority, PGN Reference, PGN Document. The data fields included in J1939DA for SPNs are: SPN, SPN Name, SPN Description, SPN Length, Resolution, Offset, Data Range, Operational Range, Units, Slot Identifier, SPN Type, SPN Reference, SPN Document.

The SAE document is also necessary when using the CiA 602-2 protocol. The parameter groups mapped into CAN FD frames require information about source and destination addresses provided in the digital annex.


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