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Renesas wants to buy Intersil

According to some serious sources the Japanese micro-controller manufacturer Renesas is going to acquire the US chipmaker Intersil. Both companies provide some CAN products.

(Photo: Renesas)

The semiconductor industry does not calm down: the next acquisition is on the agenda. The talks between Renesas and Intersil are close to be finished, said some insiders. According to them, the Japanese company is willing to pay about US-$ 3 billion. Already in last year, NXP has acquired Freescale and is now larger than Renesas.

Tokyo-based Renesas was formed in 2010 merging the IC business from Hitachi, Mitsubishi, and NEC. The company is one of the big players in automotive micro-controllers and has already implemented CAN FD in some of its products. Besides micro-controllers with on-chip CAN modules, the chipmaker offers CAN high-speed transceivers with selective wake-up capability. Earlier this year, Renesas’ management stated that the company is interested to increase its market-shares by acquisition of other chipmakers. Due to the slower growth in smartphones and personal computers, also Renesas needs to look to other markets, especially to automotive electronics. Intersil fits quit well to the product portfolio of the Japanese company.

Intersil headquartered in California has routes going back to 1967. In 1999, the company acquired the semiconductor business from Harris. Nowadays, the US company is a major supplier to the military and aerospace industries. They offer, for example, a radiation-resistant CAN transceiver. Other business includes power ICs (e.g. battery management), optoelectronic components, and proximity as well as light sensors.


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