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Potato Europe 2016

Potato harvesters with Isobus functions

At the Potato Europe in Aisne (France), Ropa presents its assistance systems and optional Isobus functions for the potato harvesters Keiler 1 and Keiler 2.

The potato harvesters Keiler 1 and Keiler 2 in action (Photo: Ropa)

The Keiler 1 is a one-row trailed potato harvester with either a 4,3 t or 6,1 t bunker. The load-sensing hydraulics enable, among others, a fully hydraulic adjustment of pintle belt rotation speed. Keiler 2 also has a fully hydraulic drive, for the best cleaning adjustment. It is independent of the power take-off speed and therefore keeps all cleaning units at an optimal speed.

Extensions of the hydraulic drive enable to store and recall custom machine settings to adapt to specific harvesting conditions or adapt to food or starch potatoes. The optional cleaning chain automatic controls the cleaning belt speed depending on the driving speed. Minimum and maximum speed as well as the relationship are individually adjustable. The automatic overload control prevents any blockage of the potato harvester. With the function AUX-N, the Keiler can be operated via the tractor joystick or additional controls.

Among the extended Isobus functions is the Auxiliary Control (AUX-N): with it, specific machine functions can be controlled via additional operating elements. Possible operating elements are extra Isobus joysticks, keys by the AUX, or tractor joystick. Functions of the operation elements are freely assignable.

The Task-Controller Basic for Isobus order processing has also be added. It enables the documentation of sum values (area, distance, time, etc.) and the data exchange between field file and Task-Controller in the ISO-XML file format. Orders can also be imported in the Task-Controller and completed documentations can be exported comfortable.

Potato Europe takes place from September 14 to 15 in Aisne (France). Potato Europe is an international event dedicated to potatoes that takes place each year in one of the event’s four partner countries: Germany, Belgium, France or the Netherlands.