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Fach Pack 2016

Packaging specialists employ CAN

The Fach Pack 2016 in Nuremberg is the central sector meeting point for packaging specialists. Some exhibitors also introduced their CAN-related products.

Fach Pack 2016 (Photo: Fach Pack)

With 1542 exhibitors in a total of eleven exhibition halls, Fach Pack is continuing its success of recent years before it signs off in 2017 for its traditional break-year. From September 27 to September 29, the exhibition center Nuremberg (Germany) is once again the meeting point for inspiration and specific solutions across the entire packaging process chain. This year, a range of products and services in the packaging, technology, processing, and technology sectors opened up to a total of around 40 000 trade visitors.

The total of over 500 new products and innovations presented in 2016 at Fach Pack represent the innovativeness of the sector. “The visitors to Fach Pack are in particular looking for new products and innovations which will enable them to package their products in a more effective, flexible, more attractive, secure, and sustainable way”, states Heike Slotta, Exhibition Director of Fach Pack. CAN, CANopen, as well as Devicenet were also a part of the fair.

Coval’s Lemcom vacuum pump with CANopen (Photo: Fach Pack, Coval)

Coval (Germany) introduced its Lemcom vacuum pump with fieldbus communication. The master module manages communication on the fieldbus, assures management of the secondary modules, and is a fully-integrated vacuum pump. Its two communication ports enable a continuous fieldbus. Supported networks are CANopen and Ethernet. The secondary modules are interconnected with the master module via the Coval bus. Contact between the master module and the secondary modules is established by an M8 connecting bridge for island configurations or by a M8/M8 standard cable for configurations based on remote modules.

Another CANopen product was presented by Lenord + Bauer. The Power Drive-Box GEL 6505 A/B is a de-central communication unit for the connection of up to five positioning drives. CANopen, Ethernet, and Profibus modules are plug-able. Siko (Germany) showed its AP10 electronic position indicator with CANopen interface. AMK’s (also Germany) servo inverter Amkasyn enables system solutions for packaging tasks and comes also with CANopen, Ethercat, and Varan interfaces. Nordson (Germany) offered starter kits which enable melters to be integrated into parent machines for PLC engineers. The company says the starter kits reduce PLC programming time from over 50 hours to less than a day – in some cases less than an hour. The starter kits enable customers to create their own customized and intuitive melter interface on the parent machine's HMI. Nearly all melter data is available for analysis. To use the product, users need for example Devicenet installed in the company’s Pro Blue or Pro Blue Liverty melter.

The pivoting frame system Elguider by Erhardt and Leimer (Photo: Fach Pack, Erhardt and Leimer)

Web guiding systems

Erhardt and Leimer showed a range of complete pivoting frame systems for different applications in the packaging industry. The web position is reliably detected by infrared, ultrasonic, or color line sensors. Manual or motorized positioning systems adjust the sensors to the given web widths. The digital position controller is integrated into the pivoting frame. The control parameters can be adjust on the user-optimized operator surface or via a software tool, which optimizes the control loop.

All functional modules of the digital control system have a CAN interface through which they are networked. With this setup it is easy to adjust the company’s guider to the requirements of new tasks. Interference immunity is high and cable complexity reduced to a minimum, says the company. Modern production lines either have a central operation point or a control stand. The positioning systems must be connected to different bus systems or to a PLC/industrial PC. Erhardt and Leimer showed various interfaces with standard protocols for this purpose. The membrane keypad with clearly understandable symbols and LED indicators ensures a simple, error-free operation.

Fach Pack is one of the most renowned packaging trade fairs in Europe. For three days, it presents a range covering industry and consumer goods for all areas of the packaging process chain at the exhibition center Nuremberg. Trade visitors from Germany and the neighboring countries come from all sectors involved with product packaging: food/beverages, pharmaceuticals/medicine/cosmetics, textile/clothing, non-food, chemicals, paper/printing, electrics/electronics, automotive, metal-working/plastics processing, mechanical/apparatus engineering, logistics, retail, as well as media/advertising.