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Isobus system

Independent rotors in a rake

The Juras 12545 four-rotor rake by Fella comes with an Isobus control system in the PRO version. With the system, the rotors can be operated independently via the terminal in the tractor or an Isobus terminal.

The Juras 12545 (Photo: Fella)

Four-rotor rakes have been a staple of the grass silage production chain for years. Farm contractors and farmers alike use this technology to harvest their crops. Fella has expanded its product portfolio in this segment. The Juras 12545 replaces the TS 4000 and TS 12555 PRO four-rotor rake models. The Juras 12545 is equipped with a stable square central frame, a centered chassis axle, and a pivoting drawbar head with a category II lower link hitch. The working width can be continuously hydraulically adjusted from 10 m up to 12,5 m.

The cardanic rotor suspension present on all four rotors and the company’s Jet effect provide ground adaptation in all directions. The free-wheeling mechanism and the overload protection features fitted within the drivetrain safeguard these components against damage. The Juras 12545 is equipped with the TS 5 rake head, which substantially reduces the maintenance required on a day-to-day basis, says the company. Hydraulic working width adjustment, sequential control as a general function, and a display showing the raking height for each rotor allow the customer to work in complete comfort, even over longer working days.

The Juras 12545 now provides an Isobus system (Photo: Fella)

This model comes with a load sensing-compatible hydraulic system and an Isobus control system. This means that all four rotors can be operated independently of each other via the terminal in the tractor or an Isobus terminal, which can be retrofitted. Consequently, in addition to hydraulic adjustment of the raking height, all of the rotors can be individually lifted. Moreover, the working width can be adjusted from 10 m to 12,50 m and the swath width from 1,20 m to 2,20 m from the terminal.

The Isobus technology also allows the equipment to be automatically folded into the transport position, as well as enabling the use of hydraulic safety devices for transport and the definition of five distinct lifting heights for the headland. The machine is fitted with a hectare counter and an hour counter as well. Most of the functions can be operated using the control terminal as well as the throttle, or via a joystick, which can be ordered separately. The Juras 12545 PRO is equipped with a six-wheel chassis for both of the rear rotors, enabling the machine to track the contours of the ground. The PRO version can optionally be fitted with a set of LED working lights, ensuring perfect light conditions at night.


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