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CiA 402 series

CANopen drive profile updated

CiA 402 part 2 has been updated and the part 6 specifying the CAN FD mapping has been CiA-internally released.

Part 6 of the CiA 402 drive profile contains several PDO parameter sets for CAN FD frames with 64-byte payload (Photo: Fotolia/CiA)

CiA 402 is one of the most implemented CANopen profiles. The CANopen device profile for drives and motion controllers is the first profile which supports PDOs with a length of up to 64 byte. Part 6 of CiA 402 specifies the PDO mapping for CANopen FD, which is still under development. It introduces valid PDO mapping entries parameters for TPDOs and RPDOs. The specification comprises several sets of pre-defined PDOs. One is for single servo drives and stepper motors, another for single-axis frequency inverters, and a third one for multi-axes devices. In particular, PDO set for multiple-axes allows controlling simultaneously up to motors with one message.

Part 2 of the CiA 402 specifies the operation modes and the parameters in detail. The updated version 4.1 is based on the IEC 61800-7-201 standard. The improvements include some editorial improvements and mainly corrections of errors, which are unfortunately in the IEC standard. It is intended to introduce the changes into the IEC standard as early as possible.


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