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Milking control unit with CANopen

The MDS Saccomatic IDC by SAC (Denmark) is a milking control unit that communicates via CANopen. It was designed to create an easier workplace for milkers.

The milking terminal communicates via CANopen (Photo: Robotiques)

With the ICAR-certified milking control unit MDS Saccomatic IDC, the milker can concentrate on what counts: a good, constant milk flow, which helps to get high-quality milk from healthy cows. The milking control unit registers milking and milk flow, gathers milking data, and displays the data the milker needs. The milking control unit can be connected to a milking management system, which gathers real-time data and processes data from the milking parlor.

The unit is designed with only a few moving parts and can be extended. The system can be connected to a cow identifier and a management system. Furthermore, to communicate data to a cow diary system, the IDC system can be connected to a Saccomatic workstation. To ensure that the operator has a complete overview of the milking parlor, the IDC can also be connected to touchscreens. In outdoor rotary parlors, it is particularly important that the operator has the full “cow data”. In case of a problem, a "cow alarm" flashes on the screen. Once the cause of the alarm has been identified (heat, separated milk, temperature, low milk volume, etc.), the cow can be disconnected.

The milker combines important features for farmers: a pulsator, a cluster remover, a knee-button for a hands-free start, a display, a milk meter, and CANopen communication. Other functions are: cascade pulsation, flow-controlled stimu-flow pulsation, automatic control of correct pulsation during milking, pulsator with rubber liner in open position for removal, milk vacuum blockage, milk volume measurement, thermometer, alarm diode for temperature display and milk flow surveillance, and a large alarm diode to signal problems during milking. The compact unit also includes an additional function: conductivity monitoring. By measuring the electrolytic conductivity of the milk, it is possible to diagnose mastitis early, i.e. before it becomes visible. The advantage to the dairy farmer is that he can begin treatment at an early stage to prevent the inflammation from spreading.

CAN and Isobus are used in various applications of the farming and agriculture sector. For farmers, the day usually starts at 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning. They have to look after their cattle, feeding and milking them. Until now: Thanks to milking robots, the cows milk and feed themselves.


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