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Happy New Year

Published 2018-01-02

We are back at our desks. Looking to our email account, we saw mainly spam and not so much news. Nevertheless, the year starts busy for us.

(Photo: Fotolia)

The March issue of the CAN Newsletter sister magazine is knocking at our door. We need to acquire technical in-depth articles and to write some by our own. As usual, we have not received any manuscript as promised before the holidays. Every year, Christmas is coming so suddenly.

We plan to focus the first issue on CAN FD tools and its usage. We are also looking for articles about CAN FD system design experiences. The June issue is reserved for interesting CAN application stories. The focus of the September issue is CAN FD controllers and CAN FD transceivers. We expect a lot of product releases in the second half of 2018. The last issue in December is dedicated for CANopen FD. Several companies will launch first CANopen FD products at the SPS IPC Drives tradeshow in Nuremberg (Germany).

For the CAN Newsletter Online it is more simple. We just edit news and write brief reports about that what comes to us by email or what we detect on tradeshows, conferences, and on other events. Sometimes, people even call us in order to inform us about new product releases. We appreciate any information about new CAN-related products and services. Of course, we also observe the social media, especially LinkedIn and Twitter as well as the infinite World Wide Web.

Unfortunately, our travel budget is very low. This means, we cannot visit all interesting events and tradeshows. In addition, our human resources are limited. The first event, we participate, is the CiA ’25 workshop about the chances and challenges of CANopen FD. It takes place in Nuremberg on January 17. It is a home game. We will report about it.

Nickel Plankermann, Cindy Weissmueller, and Holger Zeltwanger