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Aftermarket ECU platform

Makes any vehicle to a connected car

Harman has launched its Aftermarket Connected Automotive Platform on the CES 2017. It can be integrated in the CAN in-vehicle network.

Besides the integration into CAN in-vehicle network, the aftermarket ECU platform can also be linked via the OBD-II connector (Photo: Harman)

The Aftermarket Connected Automotive Platform supports connected applications and transforms any existing vehicle into a smart connected car, including those lacking pre-installed connectivity capabilities. The solution will be available to automotive OEMs, dealers, specialty automotive retailers, and mobile carriers. “We, at BMW Accessories, are looking for solutions that can deliver sophisticated smart applications to our existing cars. We would like to offer our customers advanced connected services and new functionalities, enhancing, for example, a used BMW with smart, connected BMW features. The Harman solution is very promising – it can help us offer new customer benefits to existing car drivers,” said Ravi Gandhi from the BMW Group.

The ECU platform comprises a high-performance processor, security functions, and several communication interfaces to link the vehicle to the cloud-based Ignite Platform by Harman. The end-user can add smartphone-enabled applications including navigation, multimedia (for example AHA Radio), Wi-Fi hotspots, remote car controls, and car tracking capabilities. The integrated version interfaces with the CAN in-vehicle network and require professional installation by an automotive OEM, dealer, or aftermarket customizer. The seamless software integration with the vehicle system allows the device to securely monitor and control vehicle features and functions. It supports various connectivity mechanisms including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular access via 4G/LTE, as well as sensors that enable further applications.

“Today more than 50 % of cars on the road lack integrated connectivity features. The Harman aftermarket hardware platform will transform the automotive industry by enabling people to easily and affordably take old and existing vehicles, and turn them into smart cars of the future,” said Sanjay Dhawan from Harman Connected Services. “The result is a platform that enables enterprises and end-users to benefit from endless smart connected applications and features through a simple aftermarket upgrade.” The product will be available in the third quarter of 2017.


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