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Test plan for car add-on devices

CANopen-based devices used in police cars, taxis, and other special-purpose care can be tested according to the CiA 447-5 test specification. CiA performs the conformance testing.

Test tool showing the progress of a CiA 447-5 compliant test session (Photo: Esacademy)

The German and British police use CiA 447-compliant CANopen networks in their cars to connect specific devices such as blue lights, digital radio, etc. The gateway to the in-vehicle network features firewalls and enables a standardized access to data available in the car independent of the brand. Audi, BMW, Daimler, Opel/Vauxhall, and Volkswagen offer optionally such gateways for their passenger cars. The CiA 447 gateway is also implemented in taxis communicating with devices such as taximeter, printers, and credit-card readers. Other applications include ambulances and cars for disabled drivers requiring specific equipment to conduct the vehicle.

The CiA 447-5 conformance test plan can be implemented in a tool, which also may support the conformance test plan for the CANopen protocols. The nonprofit organization CAN in Automation (CiA) is going to provide independent testing services for devices compliant to the CiA 447 CANopen profile. The CiA testers will use a CiA 447-5 test tool provided by Esacademy. Additionally, the tested devices have to pass the relevant tests for CANopen communication parameters and protocols as defined in CiA 310-1.


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