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16th international CAN Conference

Highlights of the tabletop exhibition

At the 16th international CAN Conference, several companies were part of the tabletop exhibition. They showed its range of CAN and CAN FD-based products.

The CAN-USB/400 by ESD, which supports CAN FD on the left and the CAN-Air/2 CAN bridge in the middle (Photo: Cindy Weissmueller)

The international CAN Conference (iCC) is the platform for presentation of CAN developments. Experts from all over the world and from the most diversified application areas have met for years at this international event. The conference offers visitors the possibilities to become acquainted with the latest developments in CAN. The 16th iCC took place at the historical Town Hall in Nuremberg (Germany) on March 07 and 08, 2017. This conference is the platform for lecturing on CAN-based research and for sharing experiences with CAN experts and the opportunity for networking and showing the latest CAN products.

The RAD-Galaxy (Photo: Intrepid)

A tabletop exhibition completed the technical content of the speeches at the conferences. A range of CiA members were again part of it and showed its products, were CAN FD was a hot topic. ESD showed the CAN FD-supported CAN-USB/400, the CAN-PCIe/402 with up to four CAN interfaces and the CAN-Air/2. The CAN-Air/2 is a wireless CAN bridge with USB interface. It was designed for bridging two different CAN networks via a radio link. It supports data exchange between CAN networks with two different bit rates. This mode can be used for example to get access to CAN modules installed at turning machine parts or replacement of “slip rings” via a point-to-point connection. The CAN interface is designed according to ISO11898 with electrical isolation and bit rated up to 1 Mbit/s. Four LEDs indicate the state of the module’s interface. The product comes with a Windows based configuration tool. Additional free-of-charge CAN tools of the company for setup and analysis of CAN applications and networks are offered.

K2L’s Optolyzer Mocca FD and their CAN FD bitrate demonstrator (Photo: Cindy Weissmueller)

Emtas showed its J1939 protocol stack as well as its CANopen protocol stack which is also CAN FD supported. Kvaser was also part of the exhibition with its CAN-based Memorator data logger, the Kvaser Leaf, and more. Esacademy exhibited its CANcrypt system which adds multiple levels of security to CAN. They also showed the CANopen Diag, a diagnostic and test device for entire CANopen networks as well as for single Devices Under Test. Other CiA members such as Renesas, Vector, K2L, Janz Tec, HMS, TK Engineering, Microchip, Peak, and Etas were also part of the exhibition and showed its known CAN and CAN FD-based products. Intrepid’s RAD-Galaxy is a multi-purpose Ethernet active tap and media converter for Automotive Ethernet. But in addition it offers eight CAN FD channels.


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