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ESA workshop

CAN in space

Following the increasing commercial success and industry interest Sitael hosts an ESA workshop in its premises, in Puglia (Italy). It takes place from June 14 to 16.

(Photo: ESA)

The objectives of this workshop are: to establish dialog between those at the forefront of this technology and the Space Agencies who wish to benefit from the progress being made; to identify the main achievements and challenges posed by this technology; as well as to learn of new and emerging applications such as low-end satellites (cubesats, LEO supercostellations). Other aims of the event are to promote fruitful exchange of ideas within the community itself and to see how best the Agency can harness the expertise here in Europe to achieve advances in specific targeted space applications.

Additional, participants learn from other harsh environments where this technology is being employed. The workshop will be a three-day workshop, starting 9:00 am on Wednesday, June 14 and finishing 4:00 pm on Friday, June 16.

Topics include (but are not limited to and the term CAN includes CAN FD and Classical CAN):

  • CAN implementations
  • CAN device design
  • CAN system design
  • CAN diagnostic and tools
  • CAN higher-layer protocols
  • CAN-related research studies
  • CAN applications in space or ground support equipment
  • CAN applications in space industry

During all the three days participants will have the possibility to showcase products in a dedicated area. Registration for this workshop is required through the website, please register in advance since total number of participants may be limited. The CAN workshop will include tutorials, exhibits together with presentations on CAN physical and protocol layers. With the arrival of the QML-V qualified rad(iation)-tolerant CAN transceivers, and the impending qualification of several CAN-able rad-hard micro-controllers, the availability of larger and larger rad-tolerant FPGAs, space communications engineers are now able to implement CAN networks.


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