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CANopen Lift plugfest

Interoperability testing of CiA 417 devices

At the testing event "plugfest" engineers from nearly 20 companies tested interoperability of their CANopen Lift devices. Many of the tested devices were prototypes to be exhibited at the Interlift 2017.

Fit for Interlift 2017 - CANopen Lift plugfest in Nuremberg (Germany), 25 April 2017 (Photo: Oskar Kaplun)

The CAN in Automation (CiA) Special Interest Group “CANopen Lift”, which develops the CiA 417 application profile for lift control systems, initiated the interoperability testing event in the past years. This event assists manufacturers in improvement of their implementations. The test session was limited to nearly 50 minutes, allowing every participant to take part in the tests.

The plugfest participants connected their devices to a CANopen Lift network and verified if they are interoperable from the following viewpoints:

  • Integration in host controller environment;
  • Support CiA 417 process functions within acceptable tolerances;
  • Maintaining of network timing constrains within acceptable range.

Lift car drives from different manufacturers (e.g. Brunner & Fecher, Fuji, KEB, Yaskawa, Ziehl-Abegg), sensors (e.g. from Averdi, Cedes, Dinacell, Elgo, Henning), I/O panels and displays from Schaefer, as well as car doors by Wittur were connected in each test session to a host controller from manufacturers like Böhnke + Partner/Schmersal, Kollmorgen, Georg Kühn, Safeline, Sprinte, Weber. Interoperability according to the viewpoints above has been tested. “This plugfest offers a suitable testing environment for interoperability and implementation testing. Recently we observe the growing popularity of the interoperability testing due to the increased interest among developing companies to support the CANopen Lift interface” said Oskar Kaplun, CiA engineer, responsible for interoperability testing and plugfests at CiA.

Thus the plugfest is an important event to test prototype devices for interoperability to lift controllers, available on the market and verify compatibility of lift controllers to certain CiA 417 implementation variety of the same end device. CiA organizes plugfests for CiA members in the CANopen Lift community twice a year.


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