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Symbiosis of automation and control panel level

Electronic service provider SYS TEC Electronic (Germany) decides to cooperate with the control panel specialists Garz and Fricke from Hamburg, Germany. Both companies offer CAN-based products.

SYS TEC’s CANopen Source Code product (Photo: SYS TEC)

SYS TEC electronic and the producer of embedded HMI systems Garz and Fricke are working together. In a first use case, the companies demonstrated the added value of their collaboration to their customers. As a specialist for environmental simulations, the company Feutron Klimasimulationen produces, among other things, high-performance test chambers. Touch displays are used to operate these devices and also work as an interface between man and machine (HMI). A fieldbus system is necessary for the communication of the display with the machine control: in this case CANopen. This requires both the competence for the control panel and for the automation level. Feutron therefore decided for the components of SYS TEC electronic and Garz and Fricke. This also allows the displays from other companies to be connected to the existing machines. The cooperating companies both offer a range of CAN- and CANopen-based products.


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