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Automotive Testing Expo

Showcasing CAN-enabled products

At the fair, ATI showed its toolchain for measurement, calibration, and diagnostics supplemented by recent product developments.

ATI exhibited a pre-production version of the CAN-enabled EMX DAQ modules scheduled for launch later in 2017 (Photo: ATI)

ATI’s portfolio includes hardware and software products developed and manufactured in-house, complemented by the distribution of solutions from respected third parties, such as Kvaser, Picoturn, and ECM.

“ATI has an extensive range of in-house competencies but we also recognize the value of partnering with specialists in certain key areas,” said Peter Knivett, ATI’s marketing director. “This adds value for our OEM and Tier1 customers and reinforces our ability to provide a single, convenient source for all their measurement, calibration and diagnostics requirements.”

Among ATI’s products were pre-production versions of the CAN-enabled EMX DAQ modules, scheduled for launch later in 2017. ATI’s CAN-enabled EMX brings all the benefits of the existing ICP-driven EMX hardware to a wider potential market. Also on display, launched earlier this year, was ATI Vision 5.0 with a Remote Dashboard feature. This product allows users to view data or initiate Vision functions wirelessly from a phone or tablet, offering convenient, adaptable, location-independent, safer viewing, and interaction with data. In addition to monitoring, the Remote Dashboard is also capable of automating and executing some common functions of the Vision software host environment.

ATI has become a distributor for products that complement. the company’s own product range. Several of these products were also exhibited, including the Picoturn PTCM turbo speed sensor. This sensor is IP67-rated for vehicle mounting including within the engine compartment and provides a digital inductive speed pick-up.

As real-world emissions become increasingly important, ATI underlined its relationship with ECM (Engine Control and Monitoring) by showing the mini-Pems (Portable Emissions Measurement System) from ECM. Designed for two and four wheel applications, the mini-Pems system compact enough to fit inside a rucksack. At the Automotive Testing Expo 2017, ATI also showed its relationship with CAN interface provider Kvaser by incorporating several of that company’s new products into a sub-booth within the main ATI stand.

“Our relationships with our technical partners go well beyond simply recommending and distributing their products,” said Knivett. “For example, both ECM and Kvaser products integrate seamlessly into ATI’s Vision calibration and data acquisition software suite to provide significant value add for customers.”


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