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Concarexpo 2017

On the way to autonomous driving

The conference and exhibition showed in two days the current status of connecting car to other traffic participants and to other systems.

From game to reality: There are still some challenges to master (Photo: VDI)

The VDI Wissensforum organized the two-days event. It was successfully moved from Bonn to Berlin. About 500 conference attendees and more than 1500 exhibition visitors indicated this. The main topic was connectivity including in-vehicle communication as well as linking the car to the clouds and the infrastructure. CAN was not a hot topic, but mentioned in several conference papers.

Johannes Jungwirth, VW’s Chief Digital Officer, opened the conference (Photo: VDI)

Many presentations were about autonomous driving. Johannes Jungwirth, the Chief Digital Officer of VW gave in his conference opening speech an overview how the German carmaker sees the future of driving. This included the one-button device with which everyone can call the Cedric, VW’s autonomously driving vehicle, to go from A to B. Some 120 conference-speakers went in four tracks into more technical details on security, HMI and connectivity as well as digital infrastructure and automotive mobility.

There were about 80 exhibitors including some CiA members: B-Plus, Dspace, Etas and its new daughter company Escrypt, K2L, Microchip, and Vector. In addition, Aplicom presented its CAN-connectable gateways, Noffz Technologies showed its test systems with CAN connectivity, and Toposens launched its 3D ultrasound sensor, which will come with a CAN interface, soon.

In June (27 and 28) next year, the Concarexpo will take place again in Berlin.


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