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CANopen vendor ID

More than 1200 companies applied an ID

Each CANopen device needs a unique Vendor-ID assigned by CiA. In total, more than 1200 IDs have been assigned.

The CANopen Vendor-ID is part of the Identity parameter addressing uniquely device (Photo: CiA)

The CANopen specification requires the implementation of the Identity parameter (Index 1018h). Sub-index 1 contains the CANopen Vendor-ID assigned uniquely by CiA. Recently, AHS Antriebstechnik (Germany), Karl Dunks (Germany), Rosen Technology (Switzerland), Sakura Finetek (USA), and Wärtsilä Lyngso Marine (Denmark) applied for a CANopen Vendor-ID.

CiA member AHS Antriebstechnik has been outsourced from the Danaher Group. The main business is to provide system integration services. Additionally, the company offers the TSP10-CBE CANopen connectable stepper motor. The product is designed for panel mounting. The CAN interface uses a 9-pin D-sub connector and supports bit-rates up to 1 Mbit/s.

Karl Dungs manufactures gas burner management systems, pressure regulators and switches as well as several valves. The company founded in 1945 plans to equip some of these products with CANopen interfaces and has become a member recently.

Rosen Technology develops and produces in Lingen (Germany) devices for its 16 subsidiaries. The product range covers automated inspection systems, flow meters, and instruments. The CiA member company is also supplying the oil and gas industry.

Sakura Finetek originally established in Japan has subsidiaries in USA as well as Europe. The company produces tissues and develops the necessary machinery, e.g. the Tissue-Tek Xpress x120. The machines use embedded CANopen networks based on the CANfestival open source protocol stack. The company is a CiA member.

Wärtsilä Lyngso Marine belongs to the Wärtsilä group and develops electronic for the marine industry. The company is CiA member. The product range includes navigation and automation devices as well as communication systems. The roots go back to the 1950’s. Well-known in the Danish industry as "Søren T. Lyngsø" company, it has been acquired in 2015 by Wärtsilä.