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J1939 on CAN FD

CiA 602-2 with assigned PGNs

The CiA 602-2 application layer for commercial vehicles maps J1939 parameter groups to CAN FD frames. The new version contains the necessary PGNs.

Use the photo from the first 602-2 article)) Version 1.1 of CiA 602-2 has been released CiA-internally (Photo: CiA)

The 10-pages CiA 602-2 specification has been released as version 1.1. Besides some minor layout improvements, the document provides the assigned parameter group numbers (PGN) for some communication protocols. This includes the Multi-PDU container in PDU 1 format, the Autosar CAN-NM PDU 2 message, the XCP PDU 1 message.

The base idea of this application layer is to map multiple C-PDUs (contained process data units) into one CAN FD frame. The source address is given in the ID field of the CAN FD frame. The C-PDUs contain the remaining PGN information. CAN FD frames have a length of up to 64 byte and can therefore transmit several PGs.

There is also a space holder for functional safety respectively cyber security specified. It could have a length of 32 or 64 byte or zero. CiA plans a two-day workshop on functional safety for CAN FD based higher-layer protocols. The event will take place in Nuremberg (Germany) in October.


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