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Pedelecs and e-bikes

Bosch buys Cobi

Bosch, one of the market-leading supplier of electronics for light electrical vehicles (LEV), is going to acquire Cobi, a manufacturer of CAN-to-smartphone gateways.

The smartphone hub provides a CAN interface
(Photo: Cobi)

Founded in 2014, Cobi offers e-bikers and cyclists the opportunity to use the smartphone as a control, infotainment, and display unit. "The acquisition of Cobi provides the ideal opportunity to expand the product portfolio of Bosch E-Bike Systems in the area of connected products and services. Cobi offers the necessary expertise and experience, as well as the appropriate technologies for a successful partnership," said Claus Fleischer from Bosch’s LEV department. Cobi’s general manager Andreas Gahlert added: "With Bosch as a strategic partner, we see huge scope for worldwide growth in the area of digitally connected products and services in the bike environment. For us, this is undoubtedly a significant step into the future."

The parties have agreed not to disclose the acquisition price. The transaction is still subject to the approval of the antitrust authorities. Cobi offers services such as navigation, music, telephony, and fitness. The offered products connect the rider with other apps such as Strava, Komoot, Spotify, Apple Health, and Bluetooth fitness sensors. The gateways (smartphone hubs) by Cobi are connectable to Bosch’s CAN-based LEV equipment.

Bosch offers a range of electronic devices for battery-powered bicycles. This includes batteries, charger, motors, sensors, human machine interface, etc. The Bosch division started in 2009 as a start-up company. More than 70 brands are using Bosch’s products in pedelecs and e-bikes. In 2014, the company launched its Nyon all-in-one on-board computer providing CAN connectivity. The CAN higher-layer protocol is company-specific.


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