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iCC 2017

Conference presentation videos released

CiA has published most of the iCC 2017 presentations as videos. They are embedded on CiA’s website.

The iCC presentations are online (Photo: CiA)

The international CAN Conference 2017 was held in March in Nuremberg (Germany). The presentations are now available as Youtube videos. On the CiA website, the conference proceedings are referenced including the links to Youtube. “It is the first time that CiA has recorded all iCC presentations,” said Holger Zeltwanger, CiA’s managing director. Most of the presenters agreed on publication in the web.

The conference focused on CAN FD and other CAN-related topics. It was the 16th conference held in the year of CiA’s 25th anniversary. The event took place for the first time in Nuremberg, the city, where the nonprofit association is located. Many of the papers of the previous iCCs are individually downloadable as PDF files. The list of iCC papers on CiA’s website provides a search function on authors and topics. “The iCC is an important source of background information about CAN technology,” explained Zeltwanger. “Each proceeding of the 16 conferences comprises more than 100 pages of valuable in-depth knowledge and experiences.”


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