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CAN transceivers

Zero defects in four years

Infineon received a quality award from Toyota’s Hirose Plant. This is the tenth time that German chipmaker was awarded by the Japanese carmaker.

Toyota cars are using Infineon’s transceiver in the CAN networks for drivetrain, safety, and convenience functions (Photo: Infineon/Toyota)

Achieving zero defects in automobile electronics is becoming increasingly important in light of functionalities such as automated driving. The automaker’s Hirose plant presented its Honor Quality Award to the German chipmaker for its CAN transceivers – components that enable various electronic control units (ECU) in the car to exchange data.

“Automotive chips from Infineon are designed from the start to meet the demanding requirements of car applications,” said Frank Auer from Infineon. Together with Masayuki Takazawa from Infineon Japan, he represented Infineon at the award ceremony. “We also integrate the latest findings in order to continually improve even established products along with their production processes,” said Auer. In addition, Infineon ensures its ability to supply by offering wafer and packaging technologies from multiple locations.

“Reliability and flawless product quality are particularly important in Japan,” said Takazawa. “That’s one of the reasons why we have continuously gained market share in recent years.” According to the market research firm Strategy Analytics, Infineon rose from fifth to fourth place on the list of the largest automotive semiconductor suppliers in Japan in 2017. “The award from Toyota’s Hirose Plant strengthens our commitment to quality leadership,” said Takazawa.

The Toyota Hirose Plant regularly honors suppliers for their quality. Infineon supplies CAN transceivers. They are used in various ECUs to communicate with other ECUs in drivetrain, safety and convenience network segments.

It is the tenth time that Infineon has received an award from the Toyota Hirose Plant for flawless quality. With four consecutive zero-defect years, the company now qualified for the highest award level, Honor Quality Award, for the second time in its 16-year history as a supplier to the plant. Infineon develops and produces network ICs for automotive applications for over 20 years. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of standard and OEM-specific products that covers various bus segments such as CAN FD, CAN with partial networking, Classical CAN, LIN, and Flexray. Infineon offers, for example, the 5-Mbit/s TLE925x transceivers compliant with ISO 11898-2:2016. Additionally, the company supplies system basis chips (SBC) also featuring 5 Mbit/s in the TLE9278 Multi-CAN family. The TC3xx multi-core micro-controllers in the Aurix family have up to twelve CAN FD channels that comply with ISO 11898-1:2015.


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