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New CiA Interest Group

Representing CiA members in J1939 standardization bodies

End of January, CAN in Automation (CiA) will establish the Interest Group (IG J1939). The new group will provide backup support for the standardization of J1939-based documents.

J1939-based networks are not only used in commercial road vehicles, but also in agriculture and construction machines as well as for marine navigation purposes (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Many CiA members implement J1939-based protocols. This includes Isobus solutions (standardized in ISO 11783 series) for use in agriculture and forestry machines as well as NMEA 2000 (standardized in IEC 61162-3) devices for marine applications. Especially, small and medium companies are not able to participate in all standardization bodies (SAE, ISO, IEC, and DIN). CiA’s IG J1939 to be established end of January will collect new feature requests, change requests, and comments. CiA staff participating in the standardization body meetings will submit them on behalf of CiA members. In particular, the ISO 11783 documents contain several ambiguous definitions and confusing descriptions.

There are more J1939-based standards such as ISO 11992 series (truck/trailer interface) and ISO 16844 (tachograph), for example. ISO 11992-3 is under review and will introduce new functions such as line departure control. DIN 4630 specifying the communication of body control units with telematics also uses the J1939 application layer as an option.

Because the base SAE documents do not use a harmonized terminology and are not always formerly correct specified, it is hard to design interoperable products. The agriculture industry has overcome this situation by organizing plugfests, in which interoperability issues can be detected in an early stage of product design. Additionally, the Isobus community requires the conformance testing of ISO 11783 devices.


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