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CAN and CANopen in Nuremberg

CAN in Automation (CiA) organizes two seminars in March. One is intended for newcomers and the second one’s topic is CANopen.

(Photo: Adobe Stock)

In the seminar CAN for newcomers on 26 March 2019, attendees learn how CAN works, which possibilities it offers, and in which markets CAN is used. The event explains CAN as it is specified in the updated ISO 11898 standard series. This comprises the Classical CAN, the CAN FD protocol, as well as the CAN physical layer standards. The seminar also thematises CAN-related issues and is held in German language.

During the CANopen seminar on 27 March 2019, participants learn the basic principles of CANopen, as specified in CiA 301. This enables to select the right CANopen device for individual applications, to integrate devices in a proper control application, or to design the intended CANopen device behavior. In addition, attendees get an overview on CANopen application fields as well as a base for assessing the effort of introducing CANopen in their projects. Required qualification for this seminar is basic CAN knowledge. It is also held in German.

In addition to these seminars on CAN for newcomers and CANopen for beginners, CiA offers in 2019 for the first time dedicated CAN FD and CANopen FD seminars.