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When it comes to load data acquisition, Jungheinrich relies on HBM. The QuantumX CX22B-W stand-alone data recorder plays a key role in this.

Data recorder and universal amplifier in the EJE series of electric walkie pallet trucks (Photo: HBM/Jungheinrich)

This article originally appeared in the March issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine 2019. This is just an excerpt.

Jungheinrich is a manufacturer of forklift, warehouse, and material flow technology. Recently the German company joined the CiA association. The company provides warehouse logistics solutions offering high functionality, reliability, and quality. These are the result of extensive testing prior to and also after the market launch of new products. Jungheinrich relies on extensive product testing at the customers’ premises. The insights about actual loads in day-to-day operation gained under real conditions are not only used to validate the values forecast during product development, the specialists also use the practical test results to continuously improve their products.

For measurement and analysis, Jungheinrich relies on solutions from HBM such as the universal QuantumX data acquisition system. The EJE series of electric pedestrian pallet trucks from Jungheinrich allows customers to load and unload trucks and to transport pallets over short distances. The pallet trucks feature a maintenance free three-phase AC motor. Furthermore, the EJE 116 to 120 pedestrian trucks, regardless of their compact dimensions, offer a striking capacity of up to 2 t. The EJE series’ performance data is, amongst other things, a result of the fork lift trucks’ quality and continuous optimization. This is why the company performs extensive series of tests, not only during development. As part of their quality assurance and further development program, the pallet truck provider collects valuable data directly on site at select customers - upon consultation with the customer and in compliance with applicable data protection guidelines.

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