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ZF has signed agreement to acquire Wabco

The complementary capabilities of both companies create added value for ZF’s commercial vehicle customers. Wabco is one of the leading brake system suppliers for on-road and off-road vehicles.

ZF is on shopping tour: After TRW Automotive, Wabco is another acquired automotive supplier (Photo: ZF)

ZF’s Management Board and Supervisory Board and Wabco’s Board of Directors have approved the planned acquisition. Together, the two companies will form a mobility systems provider for commercial vehicles. The combined company will have sales of approximately US-€ 40 billion. Wabco is a supplier of braking control systems, technologies, and services that improve safety, efficiency, and connectivity of commercial vehicles including trucks, buses, and trailers. Its diverse products and services include integrated braking systems and stability control, air suspension systems, transmission automation controls, as well as aerodynamics, telematics, and fleet management solutions. Some of the ECUs for braking systems are equipped with CAN interfaces. The company also offers ISO 11 992 (tractor-trailer network) compliant ECUs. The company generated US€ 3,3 billion in revenues in 2018 and has some 16 000 employees in 40 countries.

The planned acquisition is part of ZF’s Next Generation Mobility strategy and will expand the company’s expertise to include commercial vehicle braking solutions for the first time. This plays a central role for the control of automated driving functions – including emergency braking maneuvers of trucks and trailers. Following the acquisition, customers of both companies will have one partner, who can offer them an integrated system approach, new drive systems for E-Mobility and autonomous driving functions. ZF expects that automated driving functions will primarily be implemented for commercial vehicles and in areas with low complexity and traffic (e.g. factory sites, airports, agriculture). The combination of both businesses is expected to further accelerate the development of technologies to enable autonomous commercial vehicle functions, making ZF less dependent on the economic cycle of the passenger car industry.

The planned strategic acquisition of Wabco is consistent with ZF’s goal to develop and deliver technology solutions that make cars and commercial vehicles see, think, and act in order to reduce emissions and increase road safety. While ZF already has sensor systems and computing technology for its “see“ and “think” competence, the planned acquisition completes the portfolio for commercial vehicle technologies to offer solutions to allow vehicles to “act”. ZF is already a supplier in the area of steering and driveline technology.


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