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CANopen subsea in Oslo

CAN in Automation (CiA) organizes a CANopen subsea seminar in May. Anyone can attend.

The CiA 443 device profile specifies instruments and actuators devices for subsea measurement systems (Photo: Adobe Stock)

On 22 May 2019, CiA presents CANopen in subsea applications in Oslo, Norway. Here, attendees learn the specifics of using CANopen in subsea applications (CiA 443). The seminar explains all CANopen features that are used by the CANopen device profile for SIIS level 2 devices (CiA 443) as well as the functionality of sensors and actuators.

Additionally, the event in Oslo covers the usage of the fault-tolerant CAN physical layer, according to ISO 11898-3 as well as an insight to the CiA CANopen device profile for subsea applications CiA 443. The CiA 443 CANopen profile for SIIS level-2 devices covers all simple sensors, multi-functional meters, and valves used in so-called Christmas trees. It specifies instruments and actuators devices for subsea measurement systems.

CANopen enhancements like CiA 305 Layer Setting Services (LSS), CiA 309, etc. are also presented at the seminar. Interested parties can register here. The event is held English language.