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CAN in space

Workshop in Gothenburg

In June, the European Space Agency (ESA) and Cobham organize the CAN in Space 2019 workshop. It is focused on CAN micro-controllers and CANopen implementations.

The 3-days event takes place from June 11 to 14 (Photo: ESA)

Gianluca Furano form ESA has invited speakers to present their ideas, products, and space applications in the 3-days workshop. The event takes place in Gothenburg (Sweden). CiA provides a brief introduction into CAN FD and CANopen FD. Other speakers report about their experiences of CAN and CANopen in space applications. The preliminary program is available for download.

With the arrival of QML-qualified radiation-tolerant CAN transceivers and CAN enabled micro-controllers and flight-proven CAN IP cores, space communications-engineers are now able to implement a CAN network for spacecraft on-board communications and controls of the same level of complexity as a terrestrial CAN-based embedded system. As usual the workshop is accompanied by a tabletop exhibition. The event is sponsored by Cobham, ESA, Intersil, and the Swedish National Space Agency.


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CAN in space