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Peak and Emsa collaborate on CANopen and J1939 solutions

Peak-System Technik and Embedded Systems Academy (Emsa) have deepened their partnership to provide common classic CANopen, CANopen FD, and J1939 solutions.

(Photo: Peak-System)

For more than 15 years, Emsa has offered numerous CANopen software products including monitors, analyzers, simulators, configurators, and protocol stacks for the CAN hardware of Peak-System Technik. Building on that partnership, Peak has now become a shareholder and partner of Emsa.

“By formally joining the Peak Group of companies, we can now more easily share resources and are better positioned to streamline development processes that involve both CAN hardware and software,” said Olaf Pfeiffer, General Manager of Embedded Systems Academy.

Current projects of the two companies include CANopen (FD) generic input and output devices, CANopen (FD) protocol libraries, security options for CAN and diagnostics and test systems for CANopen (FD) and J1939.

“The deepened partnership with Emsa will provide our hardware customers with a variety of easy-to-use software products for CANopen, CANopen FD, and J1939 applications,” said Uwe Wilhelm, General Manager of Peak-System Technik. “We’ll announce our new joint CANopen and CANopen FD solutions on our websites and blogs over the coming months.”


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