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Continental awards Infineon

Following the motto “Success is only possible in a team”, Continental Automotive honors annually suppliers. For 2018, Infineon was now named Supplier of the Year in the electronics category.

(Source: Continental, Uwe Moosburger)

Continental is one of the market-leading Tier-1 suppliers to the automotive industry. “As a rolling network, the car is probably the most underestimated mobile system in the public eye,” said Günter Fella, head of purchasing at Continental Automotive. “A variety of specialists contribute to its success, and only in close cooperation can the challenges of such a complex system be mastered. Every supplier of the year has been exemplary in its commitment.”

Continental honored suppliers in 14 different categories. The company evaluated factors that contribute to customer satisfaction. Those include, for example, technology and innovation, product quality and supply chain management as well as overall strategy and outstanding effort. In the electronics category, Infineon and Nexperia were awarded. In the electro-mechanics category, Leoni was honored for its cables and wiring harnesses. In total, Continental has 900 strategic suppliers providing 140 000 different products. They delivered 157 billion components, which have been processed by the Tier-1 supplier.

“We want to be the most reliable semiconductor partner to the automotive industry,” said Peter Schiefer, President of the Automotive Division of Infineon. “We are putting great effort into top quality products and services. Therefore, we are very happy to be acknowledged as a partner by one of the most important automotive suppliers in the world.”

Infineon is the second biggest supplier of automotive semiconductors. The company produces micro-controllers, sensors, and power semiconductors as well as power modules for vehicles. The German chipmaker supplies MCUs with integrated CAN (FD) controllers as well as transceiver chips. In recent years, Infineon also received awards from other automotive global players such as Toyota and Hyundai-Kia as well as Bosch, UAES, Denso, and Mitsuba. In the 2018 fiscal year, Infineon shipped more than seven billion automotive parts worldwide – not even 0,00001 percent of them were object of a customer complaint.

Infineon’s engineers are active in ISO, IEC, CiA, and SAE standardization activities regarding Classical CAN, CAN FD, and CAN XL. This allows getting information as earlier as possible, in order to produce high-quality CAN components.


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