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“The trend is to go to open platform telematics”

Everyone talks about “Internet of Things”, “big data”, and “cloud” services. But nobody wants to buy additional hardware to get access to the CAN-based in-vehicle networks.

Vision of fleet telematics in 2025 (Source: Frost & Sullivan)

This article originally appeared in the September issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine 2019. This is just an excerpt.

The last two years were intense and in the same time brought an air of change in telematics industry. According to the studies and reports that are available, at this point many acquisitions and optic changes took place in the market. In addition, the requirements in the market are different and the regulations are new. The trend is moving to “smart” cities approach, “smart” mobility and self-driving transportation.

What about the other industries? What are their requirements and what are the trends? How wide is the offer? Can the hardware offered still fulfill all demands? Sure is that technology advances and demographic needs are changing, mobility industry is pushing telematics to come up with new solutions, and the providers are trying to keep up the step with the innovation trends. Everything will go electric or autonomous, everything should be in one place but shared and opened to the others, the data are still the gold but how they are shapes is the real treasure. In the automotive industry, if we talk about small passenger cars or big fleet of trucks, the main aspect in the discussion is the value gained by using each type of vehicle.

Mirroring this into services area the focus is similar and it is moving from TCO (total cost of ownership) to value created. The users are looking for solutions that are more reliable with the possibility of updating them in time without adding any new hardware. Soon we will talk about vehicle as a service, car as a service, or vehicle as a marketplace. The value will consist in the number and quality of the application accessed in each vehicle or telematics devices. We understood this opportunity and in 2019 we decided to go outside the box in the real way. Even, if we will still maintain the hardware as part of their business, we have decided to open our solutions and license our knowledge to third-party telematics devices that are open platform based. As the recipient of the 2018 for Customer Value Leadership Award for CAN-based solution named by Frost and Sullivan, this move looks like offering to all telematics players the same value for their solutions and products.

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