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Three upcoming CAN seminars

CAN in Automation (CiA) organizes three CAN-related seminars in October and November in Nuremberg, Germany. There are still free places.

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On October 22, CiA organizes a CAN FD seminar. The English seminar focuses on the improved CAN FD protocol, as specified in ISO 11898- 1:2015. Attends learn the details of the CAN FD protocols and the differences to Classical CAN. Additionally, the seminar discusses further relevant aspects with regard to CAN FD device design, system design, as well as diagnostics. Furthermore participants get an overview on the impacts of CAN FD on CAN-based higher layer protocols.

CANopen FD seminar takes place on October 23. This seminar in English language explains in detail the CANopen FD protocol as specified in CiA 1301. Participants get familiar with the embedded network design options provided by CANopen FD. Additionally, they learn that most of already available classic CANopen knowledge is applicable in CANopen FD networking, as well.

The third seminar covers CANopen safety and takes place on November 19 and is held in German language. It gives insight into system design with functional system requirements. In addition to an introduction to functional safety in principle, the CANopen protocol with its functional safety enhancement CANopen Safety is explained.


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