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The program of iCC 2020

The program committee has selected from the submitted abstracts 23 papers to be presented at the 17th international CAN Conference (iCC) in Baden-Baden (Germany).

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The conference takes place on March 17 and 18, 2020. Emotas, Gemac, Peak System, and Vector sponsor this event.

The program comprises eight sessions (CAN physical layer, CAN XL data link layer, CANopen testing, CANopen FD, CAN FD lower layers, engineering, security, and CAN XL higher layer functions). “It is obvious that the hottest topic is the introduction of CAN XL, the next CAN data link layer generation,” said Holger Zeltwanger, iCC program committee chairman and CiA Managing Director. The CAN XL specification series also includes CAN XL higher-layer functions, which are addressed in several papers.

The 1st iCC conference was held in 1994. Next year’s iCC, the 17th of its kind, gives CAN-interested engineers the chance to meet experts from all over the world, in order to exchange knowledge and experiences with Classical CAN and CAN FD. Additionally, the next CAN data link generation is presented in detail. The conference is accompanied as usual by a tabletop exhibition.

“CAN XL providing a payload of up to 2048 byte is what the automotive industry and other markets are waiting for,” stated Zeltwanger. “The achieved Hamming distance of six guarantees a higher reliability compared to other communication technologies. This is important for all mission-critical applications.” In addition, all CAN solutions feature a unique high scalability, which is important for all price-sensitive markets.

Interested persons can download the papers of previous conferences free of charge. The white papers of the latest international CAN Conference are provided for CiA member companies only.


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