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SPS 2019

CANopen was in nearly every hall

CANopen products ranging from sensor via host controller and HMI device to actuators were presented in Nuremberg in most exhibition halls.

Selection of CANopen products on the CiA booth in hall 5 (Source: CiA/Xie-Buchert)

CANopen introduced in November 1994 is one of the leading serial bus systems in industrial automation. Most drive and motion controller suppliers offer a CANopen interface. Many of them sell more drive controllers with CANopen interfaces than with other communication technologies. At the SPS 2019, several companies, for example Maxon and Dunkermotoren introduced new CANopen actuators.

The BG66 dMove drive is CANopen-connectable and provides additional I/Os for control purposes (Source: Dunkermotoren)

Dunkermotoren introduced the BG 65/66 dMove series of DC servo-motors providing CANopen connectivity. They support the CiA 402 device profile or the high-level quick start commands. With the 65-mm BG 66X75 dMove, Dunkermotoren has optimized the power density, i.e. the mechanical output power per installation space. It provides 300 W continuous output power. The CANopen-connectable servo drive is not just configurable, but also freely programmable.

In the sensor-related halls, many exhibitors presented their products also with an optional CANopen interface. Especially, rotational and linear positioning sensors support CANopen. Besides the well-established sensors, some new products were released, e.g. the linear position transducer by Novotechnik.

CANopen 25th anniversary get-together (Source: CiA/Xie-Buchert)

New CANopen host-controllers were well hidden. One exception was the CANopen FD controller by Microcontrol programmable in Node-RED. The company offered also a starter-kit comprising an additional CANopen FD I/O module. This I/O module was integrated in the CANopen FD demonstrator on the CiA stand. In this network, the host controller by ESD controlled the I/O module demonstrating the interoperability with third-party products.

CiA displayed the availability of CAN FD hardware, controllers and transceivers, on its stand (Source: CiA/Xie-Buchert)

CiA celebrated the 25th anniversary of CANopen with a drink on its SPS booth. This was a welcomed break of the daily fair routine. CiA fellows discussed informally history and future of CANopen. The future was already present on the CiA booth by means of the CANopen FD network with a bridge to a classic CANopen network demonstrating a migration opportunity.

Because CANopen is increasingly used in deeply embedded networks, it becomes less visible for the machine builder. Nevertheless, CANopen business is growing. Additionally, not all device provider clearly indicated that their product support CANopen. There were still marked just as CAN interface. Upon request, you get the answer: Of course, it is CANopen compliant.


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