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Annual review 2019

CAN Newsletter is a unique source of information

The team of the CAN Newsletter magazine and of its online sister wishes all readers and visitors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Before we leave our desks for a few days, we like to lean back and review our editorial work. First of all, we need still to improve the content of our publications. We should publish more valuable information for our customers. Not all articles published in the CAN Newsletter magazine met our own quality requirements. Sometimes, higher quality articles are delayed or have not found their way to our desks. To fulfill our chronicler duty, we have to write news about similar products. Combining such information would be a good opportunity as well as to add some evaluation information. But, unfortunately, our editorial resources are limited.

We think that our publications already provide some exclusive information and that they are unique sources of information. We like to continue this next year.

To review our work and to evaluate it, we use two analytic tools from Google and Matomo. We analyze, how often articles are visited and downloaded. Before we analyze, we normally guess, which articles are the most read and the most downloaded once. To be honest, we often failed with our look into the crystal ball.

This year’s top CAN Newsletter article was “At the turn of the year”, followed by our list of CAN-related books. This was a surprise: People are still interested in books!

Even five years old articles like “ISO CAN FD or non-ISO CAN FD” were still well visited.

When writing and editing articles for the CAN Newsletter magazine, we wonder how often, it will be downloaded. Also here, we are sometimes wrong. This year’s most downloaded articles:

The increasing number in downloads and visitors confirm that we are doing not that bad. Both versions of the CAN Newsletter are niche market publications. We know, we can only survive, when we offer unique and exclusive information. We cannot spend much investment in visitor acquisition. We need to focus on the editorial work and to improve it. This is why we stop sending the CiA Weekly Telegraph (CWT). We have merged it into the monthly CAN Info Mail (CIM) email. We hope this does not lead to a significant lower number of visitors. We will see.

By the way, we welcome feedback and we appreciate, if you submit technical in-depth articles or application stories. We are interested in any CAN-related information. Our email address:

The next few days belong to our families. We close our office from December 23 until January 2, 2020.

Nickel Plankermann , Cindy Weissmueller, and Holger Zeltwanger

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