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Emsa on Youtube

Emsa has created a Youtube channel for publishing more free educational videos to reach more users. The videos are about Classical CAN, CAN FD, CANopen, and CANopen FD.

(Source: Emsa)

Over the last years Emsa published more than 50 articles, papers, books, webinars, and also updated their training materials. However, some of the training material and especially scientific papers only reach a small percentage of the embedded community, they explained. Therefore the company decided to publish more free educational videos to reach more users. As a start they created several playlists on their Youtube channel. These include:

  • CANopen FD intro: Introductory videos to CANopen FD, also covering some basics like an introduction to the CANopen Object Dictionary concept
  • CANopen intro: Video collection about CANopen basic functionality
  • CAN (FD) security: Video collection about Classical CAN and CAN FD security challenges and solutions
  • MCUXpresso middleware: Video collection about NXP’s MCUXpresso and CANopen libraries included

The company said: “We plan to publish more videos in the upcoming month, further focusing on Classical CAN, CAN FD, CANopen, CANopen FD topics including introductory videos as well as in-depth technology classes.


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