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Conference delayed and general assembly postponed

The CAN in Automation (CiA) management has decided to postpone the iCC 2020. No new date has been scheduled yet. Additionally, the CiA general assembly is delayed.

Due to the Covid-19 disease, companies have released travel and meeting restrictions (Source: Stock/Adobe)

There are daily new developments in the global coronavirus outbreak. On March 9 the Italian government decreed that everyone should stay at home, for example. In Germany, national authorities recommend to cancel events with more than 1 000 participants. This has also consequences for CiA: The iCC 2020 and the CiA general assembly have been postponed.

“The situation with regard to the coronavirus, the accompanying counter measures and travel restrictions, have become increasingly acute, since the end of last week. Because of this several speakers and attendees had to withdraw their participation”, explained Reiner Zitzmann, CiA’s Central Executive Officer. CiA Managing Director, Holger Zeltwanger, added: “We will re-schedule the CiA General Assembly as soon as possible depending on the development of the Covid-19 disease.”

The iCC proceedings are available in electronic format. They will be distributed to the registered participants. Additionally, interested parties can purchase them from CiA office in Nuremberg. They contain all 22 papers plus the keynote by Carsten Schanze (Volkswagen).

All CiA Interest Group (IG) and Special Interest Group (SIG) face-to-face meetings will be scheduled as Zoom online meetings. Also the in April scheduled CiA seminars will be suspended.

CiA observes permanently the WHO (World Health Organization) recommendations and those of the German Health Ministry. CiA explained, that they care on its members, customers, and employees meaning not risking the health unnecessarily. If the situation changes to the better, the company will re-schedule all postponed events. CiA observes permanently the WHO (World Health Organization) recommendations and those given by the German Ministry of Health.


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