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CiA office in emergency operation

CAN in Automation (CiA) management takes care on the health and safety of its staff. Employees are working optionally from home-office and some are in short-time working.

Home office option for CiA staff (Source: Adobe Stock)

The Sars-CoV-2 virus has reached Germany and the German authorities are going to shutdown the country as much as necessary and possible. Schools and universities have been closed; bars, cinemas, and fitness centers are not open anymore; and shops except supermarkets, etc. are shutdown as well. Austria, France, Italy, and Spain have decreed a ban to going out.

CiA management offers some employees to work in home-office. Others are in short-time working due to decreasing activities and postponing of face-to-face events such as the international CAN Conference. Technical CiA meetings continue as online meetings.

The CAN Newsletter editors are working from home offices. Also the CAN Info Mail and CAN Member News will be distributed as scheduled. Seminars are postponed, too. Webinars are taking place as planned; some additional might be scheduled.


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