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iCC proceedings

In the form of webinars and PDF files

CAN in Automation (CiA) has released the proceedings of the postponed international CAN Conference (iCC) 2020 conference. Additionally, two webinars have been scheduled.

The iCC 2020 proceedings are available in PDF format (Source: Adobe-Stock)

Due to travel and meeting restrictions because of Covid-19 disease, CiA has postponed the 17th international CAN Conference. Nevertheless, CiA sells now the conference proceedings in PDF format. The PDF file contains all 22 papers and the keynote speech by Volkswagen. This means, the information is not lost. The proceedings can be purchased from the CiA office.

Additionally, CiA has scheduled two 60-min webinars. Webinar details are available on the CiA homepage. Of course, the free-of-charge webinar just provides a brief summary of the technical highlights. The technical details are documented in the above-mentioned proceedings.


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