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Online in-house seminars by CiA

In the times of the novel coronavirus, face-to-face meetings are not recommended. This is why CAN in Automation (CiA) has withdrawn its scheduled seminars and other training events. As an alternative option, online in-house seminars are offered.

One session lasts three hours; If more time is needed, attendees may book multiple sessions, which may be scheduled for different days (Source: CiA/Adobe Stock)

The Covid‑19 disease started in Far East and has now arrived in Europe and with some delay in North America. In order to keep their business going, CiA has decided to offer three-hour online in-house seminars. The seminar agenda can be tailored to the needs of customers. The technical in‑depth content is not related to one manufacturer or a product. The seminars can be hold in English, Chinese, German, or Russian language.

It is possible to order multiple sessions with different content. These online in-house seminars are provided via Zoom meetings. When booked bindingly, the customer gets the detailed link information. PDF presentation slides are included in the price. One confirmation for participation is provided, per registration.

Additionally, CiA offers free‑of‑charge webinars providing some general information about trends in CAN technology. The updated list is available on the company's homepage.

"These online in-house seminars are a good opportunity to update your CAN technology knowledge," said Holger Zeltwanger from CiA. "The seminar contain can be adapted to the customers need."


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