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Isobus software and application development center

The Competence Center of the Isobus Experts is operated by OSB (Munich, Germany). Now it grows by an additional location in Paderborn.

(Source: OSB)

With its more than 15 years of experience in the field of Isobus software development, the product portfolio of Isobus basic software and the acquisition of Bhtronik, the competence center supports customers in software and hardware issues. Thanks to the new colleagues experienced in development, integration, and adaptation of control systems, the company expands its portfolio by the area of application development for agricultural machine control. The competence center has thus grown to a team of 20 developers who support customers from Paderborn, Munich and Sarajevo.

(Source: OSB)

The company released an update for its Isosimulators software in March 2020. The simulators enable development of an Isobus solution via a PC without to purchase an operator terminal. The software allows to simulate a virtual terminal (VT) on a PC. Settings such as mask size and softkeys are configurable. Task controller functionality with the standardized features and a user interface is available. The offered file server is configured via the command line and can be integrated into a test environment. An additional tool replaces the tractor in a test environment and has a user interface for changing tractor data. GPS-based applications can be tested from the office using the configurable GPS simulator. The test environment also offers a possibility to test Isobus clients. The simulators can be started multiple times, allowing more complex Isobus systems to be simulated and tested (multi VT). The keep alive mode allows debugging of implement controls without losing the connection to the terminal. Thus, the company provides a hardware-independent test environment, which makes the purchase of hardware for test purposes unnecessary.


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