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Virtual stage for events

Due to the spread of Covid‑19 around the world, a range of events have been postponed or canceled. The virtual format offers a digital alternative for knowledge and information transfer. CiA’s event stage platform gives an overview of these.

The virtual stage platform is intended to help presenting events and meeting international partners (Source: Adobe Stock)

Due to the Covid‑19 pandemic, most meetings take place virtually. For this case, CiA (CAN in Automation) prepared CiA’s event stage. On this event list all CAN‑related virtual fairs, online conferences, events, webinars, etc. can be found. Also those organized from the company itself will be listed.

This applies also for the planned technology days in Spain, which are now virtual events on May 18 and May 26. These four-hour online events update participants on CAN FD, CANopen FD, and CAN XL developments. They can be participated worldwide, not just by Spanish engineers. CiA plans further CAN technology days with other topics and guest speakers in the near future.

How to be listed on the virtual stage platform can be find out contacting the company’s office. They explained that this list can help finding appropriate solutions, and meeting international partners. Even in times of corona, one can update theirself and staff on CAN technology.


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