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Logging and analyzing of in-vehicle CAN data

Kvaser and Accurate Technologies (ATI) offer a joint webinar to explain how to use the Kvaser-ATI toolchain to log, import, and analyze CAN data. The event starts on 2020-08-19 at 17:00 CET, Berlin time.

The webinar offers a quick-start guide to logging, importing, and analyzing the in-vehicle CAN data using the tools from Kvaser and ATI (Source: Kvaser)

The 60-minute webinar will demonstrate how to use a standalone CAN datalogger to record vehicle data and import that data into analysis software. Topics will cover logger configuration, DBC (data base CAN) file usage, import/export process, file formats, and signal analysis. Bryan Hennessy (Kvaser) will teach the specifics of using Kvaser Memorator series products for CAN data recording, while ATI’s Maxwell Church will provide a tutorial on handling the data in the CANLab software.

To join the session the latest version of the Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser is required. Joining the webinar via a mobile app is possible as well.


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